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What happens when tempered laminated glass breaks?

What happens when tempered laminated glass breaks?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2020-08-13 17:11:34

Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which two or more pieces of glass are sandwiched between one or more layers of organic polymer interlayer film and treated by a special high temperature and high pressure process to permanently bond the glass and the intermediate film.

tempered laminated glass

1. If one of the glass is broken in the tempered laminated glass, the other glass is intact. What will happen?

The glass will still remain upright, and the broken glass will stick to the PVB/SGP film and will not fall and hurt people. Has the effect of ice cracking.

tempered laminated glass

2. What happens if two pieces of tempered laminated glass are broken?

If the middle layer of the laminated glass is PVB film, the broken glass will stick to the PVB film, but the whole piece of glass will be deformed and tilt down.

If the middle layer of the tempered laminated glass is SGP film, even if both pieces of glass are broken, the entire laminated glass can remain upright.

tempered laminated glass

If the top and bottom of the tempered laminated glass are fixed in a frame, when the tempered laminated glass is broken, it will be fixed in its original position and will not break into large jagged fragments or hundreds of small fragments. And, it can be fixed in place for a long time to find a replacement glass.

tempered laminated glass balustrade

Broken tempered laminated glass still has a certain defensive ability. If you do not have a new glass to replace this broken glass, you can use it temporarily. However, for long-term use and safety considerations, it is recommended to replace the glass with another laminated glass of the same size.

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