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What is the difference between laminated glass and insulating glass,and how to choose

What is the difference between laminated glass and insulating glass,and how to choose


Glass is widely used in architecture,daily use,art and other fields,and there are many types of glass.In addition to the common tempered glass,printed glass,there are also high technical requirements of optical glass,dimming glass,etc.

laminated glass insulated glass factory

In this article we are going to introduce what is the difference between laminated glass and insulating glass.

Laminated glass and insulating glass are both composed of two or more pieces of glass,but the methods used in the composition are different.

insulated window glass at home

Laminated glass is made by laminating two or more pieces of glass with a clear plastic liner,which is then manufactured in industries such as hot pressing.In addition,laminated glass is generally made of temperedglass or float glass,and the transparent plastic liner is made of PVB film.

Insulating glass in two or more pieces of glass around the isolation frame is separated,and then sealedwith sealing tape,the glass used is laminated,tempered,heat-absorbing,heat-reflective,patternglass;in order to meet the performance requirements of insulating glass,sealing tape is used two-component sealant;the spacer frame is aluminum frame,stainless steel frame,etc.

insulated glass curtain wall

So how to choose?

Laminated glass and insulatedglass have the effect of sound insulation and heat insulation to some extent.The two are that laminated glass has very good shock resistance and explosion-proof performance,while insulating glass has better thermal insulation performance.

laminated glass hot pressing safety glass

In terms of sound insulation,there are differences between the two.Due to the good seismic performance of laminated glass,when the wind is strong,the possibility of noise caused by its own vibration is very low,especially for medium and low frequencies.And insulatedglass is easy toresonate.However,insulating glass is better when it comes to blocking external noise.So depending on the location,the choice of glass is also different.

high-rise insulated curtain wall

Insulatedglass is a wide choice for general household applications.Laminated glass is also a good choice if you live in a high-rise building with high winds and low external noise.

In the application of sunroom,the top of the sunroom uses laminated tempered glass,andthe facadeuses generallyinsulatedglass.

Because if you encounter a high-altitude falling object,the safety of the laminated glass is relatively high,and it is difficult to completely shatter.The facade glass usesinsulatedglass,which can achieve the effect of heat insulation and make the glass sunroom warm in winter and cool in summer.

sunroom insulated glass facade

Therefore,it cannot be said that laminated glass and insulating glass are better,only which aspect is in greater demand.Window glass is a knight to protect your home,and the one that suits your home is the best.