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Tempered glass spontaneous explosion is caused by the summer heat

Tempered glass spontaneous explosion is caused by the summer heat


Tempered glass is a safety glass recognized by regulations and is widely used in places with high requirements for mechanical strength and safety,such as glass doors,curtain walls,facade windows,interior partitions,table top,office partitions and so on.

The characteristics of tempered glass determine that self-explosion is unavoidable,and it is impossible to predict the time and conditions of self-explosion,therefore,in order to prevent the harm caused by the self-explosion of tempered glass,in the glass processing and installation process often take some measures or methods to reduce the loss caused by the self-explosion of tempered glass.

glass door glass window

Factors affecting the bursting of tempered glass

1. Glass damage factors: Due to careless handling,installation,and maintenance on the glass surface and edge,the stress of cracking,surface corrosion,chipped edges,etc.are easy to destroy the stress of tempered glass triggered by the self-explosion of tempered glass.

2. Installation factors: During the installation process,if the installation gap is small or the glass is in direct contact with the frame,under the sunlight,the expansion coefficient of the glass and the frame is not the same,it is easy to make the glass edge or corner extrusion pressure,inducing tempered glass burst.

water jet cutting out tempered glass

3. Glass processing factors:drilling or cutting the corner of the tempered glass is easy to burst.

4. Natural factors:strong typhoons and other wind disasters lead to the failure of the design of wind pressure resistance,can cause the bursting of tempered glass.

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So tempered glass spontaneous explosion is not only caused by high temperature.

Methods to reduce the self-explosion of tempered glass:

1. Avoid excessive glass tempering stress.

2. Use the float glass with less nickel sulfide stones,that is,use the high-quality float glass.The float glass selected by our company come from famous original glass manufacturers to ensure the quality of our products.

3. A secondary heat treatment of tempered glass,often referred to as advance detonation or heat soak tempered glass.

heat soak tempered glass safety glass

4. High-performance polyester film is applied to the glass.Polyester film is commonly known as safety explosion-proof film.When the glass is broken due to various reasons,it can stick to the glass fragments to prevent splashing,protect the people inside and outside the building from the hazard of the splashing glass fragments,and it is difficult for wind,rain and other foreign objects to cause damage to the interior.

The safety explosion-proof film can be connected with the frame edge system together with the organic glue to form a glass film protection system to prevent falling.

tempered glass railing balustrade

At present, tempered glass has a self-explosion rate of 0.3%.Most of the reasons why tempered glass self-explode are due to excessive temperature changes and uneven stress.It is like an egg.The force at each point is the same,no matter how large it is.

The force will not crush the egg.Once the force at a point is larger or smaller than the safe limit,it will shatter,and rapid cooling and heating will cause this self-explosion phenomenon.According to the actual situation,if there is no self-destruction during one to two years of use,the probability of self-destruction after will be quite small.