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Why Choose Coated Glass for Glass Sunshine Rooms

Why Choose Coated Glass for Glass Sunshine Rooms


The transparency, nature, and brightness of the glass sunroom are the reasons why many people are attracted to it. But will life with sunshine and a starry sky really be as pleasant as in the movie? Simply thinking too much!


Do you think using a glass sunroom means sunshine, coffee, and cats? In addition to sunlight, there are also ultraviolet and infrared rays. They will make your furniture fade more easily, and even indoors there is a risk of skin tanning.

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Low-emissivity building glass sunroom wholesale factory

The benefits of a sunroom are obvious, but so are the disadvantages. However, the disadvantages are not inevitable. The use of coated glass can effectively block most of the ultraviolet rays from entering the room. Coated glass is divided into heat-reflective glass and low-emissivity glass. Heat-reflective glass is coated with a metal film and a metal oxide or nitride film on the surface of the glass to achieve the required reflection color and shading coefficient. Low-emissivity glass is coated with a silver layer on the glass surface to reduce the emissivity of the glass. The silver layer can reflect more than 98% of far-infrared heat radiation, thus directly reflecting heat like a mirror reflecting light.


1. Block ultraviolet radiation. Everyone knows that if human skin is exposed to long-term ultraviolet radiation, there is a risk of sunburn and even skin cancer. In addition, ultraviolet rays in sunlight are also the main cause of the aging and fading of indoor items such as carpets, furniture, and artwork. Using coated glass as a sunlight room can reduce the transmission of ultraviolet rays while allowing visible light to enter. The ultraviolet barrier layer inside the film layer can block over 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays.

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2. Safety and explosion-proof to prevent the glass from self-explosion and hurting people. The quality of coated tempered glass is much better than ordinary glass, but there is still a self-explosion rate of three thousandths. If the glass explodes, it is likely to hurt people, which is often seen in the news. Obviously, this risk will be greater for sunrooms that use large areas of glass. The use of coated laminated glass can stick the broken glass in place after the glass explodes and breaks so that the glass remains intact and does not cause splashing and injury to people and objects.



3. Heat insulation in summer. We still face scorching temperatures every summer. After being exposed to the sun in summer, the indoor temperature of a glass sunroom can reach as high as 50°C! This will turn the house directly into a sauna, greatly affecting comfort. Using coated glass as a sunroom can block most of the solar heat energy outside the glass, effectively blocking 60%-85% of the heat and reducing the indoor temperature.

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4. Insulation in winter. Using low-emissivity architectural glass to make a sunroom can achieve the effect of keeping warm in winter and cool in summer. It can lower the indoor temperature in summer and can also play a role in thermal insulation in winter, which really helps your house to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

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5. Energy conservation and emission reduction. Coated glass can provide warmth in winter and coolness in summer, and air conditioning does not need so hard. By reducing energy requirements, air conditioning bills can be minimized, maximizing energy efficiency. In an indoor test of 13 square meters, the power consumption was saved by about 30% compared with before using energy-saving glass.

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Therefore, owners who like glass sunrooms can choose a coated glass suitable for them when decorating. If you do not know how to choose the glass configuration, please contact our team to provide you with project plan suggestions.