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Why is laminated glass so much more expensive than ordinary glass? Finally found out today

Why is laminated glass so much more expensive than ordinary glass? Finally found out today


In daily life, we often see the use of glass, and in interior decoration, we also use the advantages of glass for decoration. For example, it can improve the visual transparency of the space and facilitate indoor lighting. However many homeowners are concerned that glass can easily break and harm children, making it unsuitable for large-scale use. With such concerns, we can completely choose laminated glass.

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As the name suggests, laminated glass refers to a composite glass composed of EVA adhesive, SGP adhesive, or PVB colloids sandwiched between multiple layers of glass after high-temperature processing. Unlike ordinary glass, it is not fragile, and the broken glass will stick together without producing sharp fragments that can harm people or objects. It is commonly used in significant places such as fences, glass canopies, window floors, etc.

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Secondly, although laminated glass is thicker than ordinary glass, it does not affect lighting and transparency in any way. This is because it is thicker than ordinary glass, can reduce noise, and has cold resistance and insulation, which can prevent the spread of fires. After common thieves break laminated glass, even if the glass is broken, the fragments still stick firmly to the intermediate film, and theft of laminated glass is rarely encountered.

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In addition, the different types and properties of the intermediate film also play a certain role in alleviating impact and preventing ultraviolet radiation. Indoor furniture and appliances, protecting surface colors, and reducing consumption of cooling and heating is the preferred window glass for many large buildings and high-rise residents.

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The interlayer film of laminated glass can use different colors, shapes, and patterns, and the decorative effect is better than that of ordinary glass. It can be selected according to different indoor styles.

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However, because laminated glass is more expensive, bubbles are easily formed when water penetrates, and the surface of the glass is very blurry, which is even more unbearable for netizens with obsessive-compulsive disorder. If the bubbles remain in the intermediate glue for a long time, the bonding will fall off and cause splitting.

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Therefore, not only must the dryness of the film be ensured before use, but the laminated glass must not be stored in a place with high humidity to prevent the viscosity of the glue from decreasing. KXG's laminated glass uses industrial dry methods to produce laminated glass to provide customers with high-quality laminated glass products. Users should confirm high-quality brand products when purchasing. If they purchase inferior laminated glass, it may easily fall off and break after use.

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If you need high-quality architectural laminated glass products, please contact the KXG team to provide you with the perfect solution.