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Why choose glass balustrade?

Why choose glass balustrade?


     Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for building balustrade, which must be fashionable, concise and also beautiful. Therefore, glass balustrade have become a good choice. At present, glass balustrade mainly use toughened glass as raw materials. Compared with traditional materials, the glass balustrade displays a transparent and concise effect. If it is combine with stained glass, it will be more artistic, which can meet the different individual needs of decoration users。And it can also make people shine and add luster to home decoration. Glass make the balustrade more decorative and ornamental.

Commonly Used Glass Balustrade:

1.Tempered Glass

(1). Tempered glass type:

A. Clear tempered glass/Low iron tempered glass

B. Frosted tempered glass

C. Printing tempered glass

(2). Advantage of tempered glass:
A. The mechanical strength, impact resistance and bending strength of tempered glass are 4-5 times that of ordinary glass.
B. Tempered glass can withstand huge temperature differences without being damaged, and its resistance to temperature differences is 3 times that of ordinary float    glass of the same thickness.
C. After the tempered glass is damaged by a strong force, it will quickly show tiny obtuse-angle particles, so as to maximize the protection of personal safety.

2.Laminated Glass

Clear tempered glass/ low iron tempered glass can be combined with printed glass or frosted glass to make laminated glass, which is both beautiful and safe.

(1). Advantage of laminated glass:

A: Laminated glass has excellent shock resistance and explosion-proof performance.

B: Compared with tempered glass, it is safer. Even if it is broken, the shards will adhere to the film and will not all fall off and will not hurt people easily.

C: The original shape can be maintained after crushing, which is convenient for later replacement.

Why Choose Glass Balustrade?

The glass balustrade can withstand high& low temperature temperature, salt spray, and moisture. And it's low maintenance cost, maintenance-free. Dust is not easy to adhere to the surface of the glass, so it's easy to clean.

Glass Balustrade Instruction Notice:

1. The glass balustrade must be made of tempered glass or laminated glass.

2. It is recommended to use tempered glass as balustrade thickness at least 12mm on high floors.

3. Glass is a fragile material, so when the glass is connected with the glass hardware, it must be used flexible connection materials such as rubber pads and glass glue.