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Why does hollow glass produce condensation phenomenon

Why does hollow glass produce condensation phenomenon

Dongguan Kunxing Glass Co,LTD KXG 2022-11-25 10:38:49

Hollow glass is a glass product with mature materials and production technology. Its product quality is guaranteed and it is widely used in buildings. Due to problems in the management of individual hollow glass manufacturers, especially in the selection of materials, production process control and construction, there are problems in the quality of their products, the most common is the condensation of hollow glass. Why does hollow glass produce condensation phenomenon?

1Hollow glass dew point

The dew point of hollow glassis the temperature at which condensation occurs when the humidity of the gas in the spacer layer of hollow glass reaches saturation. That is, the higher the water vapor content, the higher the glass dew point temperature. The dew condensation phenomenon usually occurs when the temperature of the inner surface of the glass is lower than the dew point of the air in the spacer layer, and the water vapor in the air will condense on the inner surface of the glass.

why insulated glass window condensation

2The effect of edge sealing materials on the condensation of hollow glass

The side sealing material is mainly butyl sealant of inner sealant and silicone sealant of the outer channel sealant, polysulfide sealant.Its main function is to bond various materials that make up the hollow glass, making it a whole and it has the function of preventing water vapor and other gases from entering the hollow glass spacer. Therefore, as the hollow glass protection structure of the two sealants, the quality of its good or bad determines the overall quality of the hollow glass and whether the phenomenon of condensation.

3The effect of spacing materials on the fogging and condensation of hollow glass

The spacer materials mainly include: Aluminum spacer, stainless steel spacer, composite material spacer, etc. Spacer strips function to carry desiccant, fit seal and overall structural strength. Whether the pore air permeability of the spacer is excellent directly affects the working ability of the desiccant, and whether the working ability of the desiccant is excellent affects whether the hollow glass will be fogged and condensed.

building insulated glass DGU IGU hollow glass

4The effect of desiccant on the condensation of hollow glass

The function of the desiccant is to absorb the water vapor in the hollow glassspacer, not only absorb the initial water vapor when the hollow glassis produced, but also absorb the water vapor that continuously penetrates into the hollow glassspacer during the use of the hollow glass,so that the gas in the spacer layer remains dry, to ensure that the hollow glassin service, always ensure that the dew point meets the requirements.

5. The effect of production process on the condensation of hollow glass

In the production of hollow glass, the float glass sheet is not cleaned thoroughly, sweat stains, water stains and residual water droplets are stuck on the surface of the float glass sheet; the temperature and humidity control of the production environment is not strict, and it is not dry enough; the bending equipment during frame making causes the back of the spacer cracks, uneven surface of spacer strips in contact with butyl sealant, etc., will all become hidden dangers of dew condensation on hollow glass.

insulated glass DGU IGU soundproof glass

There is also the depth of the external sealant coating is not enough, the mixing effect of the double component sealant is not good, does not meet the requirements of the national standard of "hollow glass" will cause hollow glass condensation.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that there are many factors that cause the condensation of insulating glass. In actual production and application, the reason for the condensation of insulating glass may be one factor or the superposition of multiple factors.