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best soundproof window glass, enjoy a good life quietly

best soundproof window glass, enjoy a good life quietly


Soundproof glass panels consists of double or triple glazing and window frame,using a specially processed soundproof layer, soundproof layer of glass using a laminated PVB film firmly bonded by high temperature and pressurefromthe soundproof layer ofglass.

Or between the soundproof layer,sandwiched with a desiccant (molecular sieve) filled with aluminium partition frames,and then the sides with a sealant bonded synthetic glass components,the other is the use of The other is the use of the thermos principle to produce a transparent and light resistant balanced flat glass component.

soundproof laminated insulated glass building glass

  The performance of the window

1. Noise reduction

The most direct effect of soundproof glass windows is to reduce noise, which can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves and stop the transmissionofsound,whichcanreducenoisebymorethan47dB.Soundproof laminated glass is better.

2. Reduce heat conduction

The thermal conductivity of acoustic glass windows is 1.8-3.5 W/m²-k, which lower than that of ordinary aluminium alloy profiles at 140-170 W/m²-k,its thermal conductivity is 3.17 to 3.59 W/m²-k,which lower than that of ordinary aluminium alloy profiles at 6.69-6.84 W/m²-k, effectively reducing the heat conducted through doors and windows.

best soundproof window glass laminated glass

3. Prevent condensation

The temperature of the inner surface of the profile with the thermal insulation strip is close to the indoor temperature,which reduces the possibility of indoor moisture condensation on the profile surface due to supersaturation.In winter,frames with thermal insulation strips reduce the heat loss through the frame by 1/3.In summer,if the air conditioner is running,the window frame with insulation strips can reduce the energy loss more.

best soundproof window glass laminated insulated glass

4. Protect the environment

Through the application of thermal insulation systems,energy consumption can be reduced,and ambient radiation due to air conditioning and heating can be reduced.

5. Good for health

The exchange of heat between the human body and the environment depends on the temperature of the indoor air,the speed of air movement,and the temperature of the outdoor air.

By adjusting the indoor temperature of doors and windows,to achieve the most comfortable environment.

soundproof laminated insulated glass sheet building glass

The soundproofing glass windowshas good sealing performance and can keep dirty air out of the room.Good sealing prevents dust and sand from entering the house,and even small dust and sandstorms cannot penetrate into the room.

Effectively protect all kinds of home appliances and reduce the damage of dust to home appliances and furniture.At the same time,reduce cleaning time,so that you have more time to rest,refresh and regain your strength.

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