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what do you know about Moru patterned glass

what do you know about Moru patterned glass


As a kind of patterned glass,in recent years,Moru pattern glass is also popular in the decoration industry.What is the advantage of Moru pattern Glass that makes you like it so much?

The decorability and privacy of Moru pattern glass are the biggest advantages,and because of this,Moru pattern glass is often used in wardrobes,staircases,fences,cabinets,lockers,bathroom doors,kitchen sliding doors,entrance partitions,Moru pattern glass store,pattern glass for doors,etc.

pattern glass for doors moru glass partition

When we choose Moru pattern glass,we first need to consider safety. Moru pattern glass can be used in many places,but glass is fragile. If it is used in the living room,Moru pattern glass cannot be guaranteed, what if the glass breaks and hurts people?Therefore,we choose tempered Moru pattern glass as much as possible.

The tempered glass is broken into small obtuse particles,which will not cause major harm to the human body.Or it is made of Moru pattern laminated glass,the broken glass will stick to the film,thereby reducing the harm to people.

pattern glass for doors moru glass cupboard

Second,look at the glass color.The whiter the color and the higher the transparency,the better the quality of Moru pattern glass.Therefore,try to choose ultra-white Moru pattern glass,because it has less impurities,a low self-explosion rate,and a correspondingly high price.

The last is the choice of thickness.Some people say that the thicker the better,not exactly.For home use,5mm-8mm is enough,for small areas and small areas,5mm is more suitable,and 8mm-10mm Moru pattern glass is commonly used in large areas.

Advantages of Moru pattern Glass

Moru pattern glass is more permeable than ordinary glass and is able to create a hazy feel using embossing to create a protective film,thus allowing transparency and privacy to co-exist and can brighten up an interior that lacks sunlight.

The frosted outer layer of moru pattern glass is similar to a filter film and is particularly effective when exposed to sunlight,giving it a unique aesthetic when placed inside a space.

pattern glass for doors moru glass partition

In a minimalist room interior where one colour or black and white is the dominant colour,it can give a space a more stylish and designer feel,and the use of Moru pattern glass can make a simple space more interesting.

Moru pattern glass can use its own material characteristics to introduce natural light in a room with little light to create a brightness effect,and its characteristics can also ensure people's privacy and safety,so it is welcomed by many consumers.

KXG has different kinds of patterned glass,which are sold abroad and trusted by customers.Please feel free to contact us if you need glass or other questions.