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why does this glass keep it warm in winter and cool in summer

why does this glass keep it warm in winter and cool in summer


Today,with the rapid development of science and technology,warm in winter and cool in summer can be achieved through air conditioning and heating,but there is a constant temperature glass,can also make the house warm in winter and cool in summer,do you know what is this glass?

low-e glass low emissivity coated silver glass

Constant temperature glass is low-E glass,low-E glass is the use of vacuum magnetron sputtering method on the surface plating containing one or two,even three layers of silver layer,to reduce energy absorption or control indoor and outdoor energy exchange,ensure the comfort of life,work,and in order to achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy saving.

low-e glass low emissivity coated silver glass

Low-E glass has the characteristics of low heat transfer coefficient and infrared reflection.Its main function is to reduce the radiation energy transmission of far infrared rays indoors and outdoors,and allow solar radiation to enter the room as much as possible,so as to maintain the indoor temperature and save the cost of heating and air conditioning.

low e glass good heat transfer coefficient and shading coefficient

Low-E glass is a new generation of coated glass that can not only transmit outdoor solar energy and visible light pass through like float glass,but also reflect the secondary radiant heat of objects back like an infrared reflector.It can be used in any climate environment to control sunlight,save energy,heat control and improve the environment.

low-e composite energy-saving glass

Low-E glass is used to synthesize insulating glass or laminated glass,which is also one of the main products of our factory.Many customers customize Low-E insulating glass for windows and office curtain walls.Regardless of the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor,as long as low-e glass is installed,indoor flower very few air conditioning charge can maintain the situation of warm winter and cool summer forever,prevent heat energy leak in winter,provide two-way energy-saving effect.

low e insulated glass curtain wall building glass

Energy saving and environmental protection is the inevitable trend of the environment,and low-radiation glass as such an energy-saving product,has been used in more and more families home decoration!

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