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Why does tempered shower room glass self explode?

Why does tempered shower room glass self explode?


In order to facilitate the separation of dry and wet in the bathroom,independent type shower is becoming more and more extensively used in life.Because its material is transparent tempered glass,it can make the bathroom feel more spacious,and we also will automatically find this kind of material is safe,but now there are more and more news about the self-explosion of the tempered showerdoor glass.What caused this?

shower door glass tempered glass

There are many reasons for the self-exploding tempered glass,one of which is because there are problems in the installation process.In order to save money,it will choose to buy it back and let own renovation workers install it.If the glass is cut in the installation process and then the installation continues,it is easier to self-explode.

About the quality problem of the toughened glass,we must also pay attention to it.first of all,we must purchase from formal channels to ensure the content of these services before and after sales,and also make sure all sorts of certificate of true and false,including ccc certificate,the patent certificate and quality inspection certificate,the three indispensable,only in this way can ensure the quality of shower room glass of the previous problem.

toughened glass shower door

In order to ensure the quality of the processed glass by KXG factory,we apply for the certification of the products by testing institutions.We have CCC standard,AS Australian standard certificate,ANSI American standard certificate and other certificates.At the same time,we also have more than five years of after-sales service to solve the worries of customers.

Improper care during use can also cause the tempered glass to explode,so be careful when using it,and try to avoid sharp objects hitting the glass.Even if there are no cracks at the time,it will be indoors when you use it again,indoor temperature rise,will also increase the glass self-explosion speed.

So how to do reduce the risk of self-explosion of tempered glass?The first is to choose a formal purchase channel,and then let the professionals carry out on-site installation,thereby reducing theself explosive rate due to improper installation.If installed in place,it can avoid self-explosion in the early stage,and pay more attention to the later use,especially the corners of tempered glass,which are the most fragile.

bathroom glass tempered safety glass

Pay special attention to this piece of protection.Another is to heat soak the tempered glass to detonate it in advance.All the glass with self-explosion rate will be broken,leaving the tempered glass that will not self-explosion.

Many of the tempered glass in the KXG factory are used in bathrooms,which can be drilled holes according to customer needs.We guarantee the quality.There are many bathroom glasses exported to Canada,Australia,New Zealand and other countries,which are trusted by many customers.