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Squid Game: Tempered glass vs ordinary glass

Squid Game: Tempered glass vs ordinary glass


With the popular Korean drama,Squid Game,taking over nearly every corner of the internet,the Glass Stepping Stones spiked interest in tempered glasson Google by 200%.

If you are in a squid game,how would you distinguish between tempered glass and ordinary glass?

tempered glass and normal glass of squid game

Now we share professional knowledge help everyone can identify the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass (also known as toughened or strengthened) is much stronger than ordinary or annealed glass.When tempered glass breaks,it forms into small and less harmless pieces,unlike annealed glass,which can shatter into large,sharp shards when broken.

tempered glass broken not heart people

You will often find tempered glass used in environments where safety is an issue,including glass balustrades,shop windows,entrance doors,shower and tub enclosures,and staircases.

How is tempered glass manufactured?

Tempered glass is created via a thermal tempering process where the glass is placed in a furnace,heated and then cooled rapidly to introduce stress into the surface of structural glass,strengthening it for enhanced safety.

Tempered glass can be used as laminated glass and insulating glass,improve strength and durability,but also make the performance of processed glass better.Our company can also provide laminated glass and insulating glass also,which is one of our main products.

tempered glass manufactured

How can you tell the difference between tempered glass and annealed glass?

Within the famous Squid Game episode,one of the final characters reveals that they were a glass manufacturer for 30 years and can tell the difference between the tempered and ordinary glass panels,saying,If you look at the tempered glass from an angle under the light,you can see faint stain marks.

Most tempered glass will have a slight surface variation due to the additional manufacturing processes to strengthen it.This effect is called Anisotropy,caused by the introduction of stress and tension to the glass.Although it may be tricky to see in natural light,these stains are noticeable under bright and polarised light.”Non-tempered glass is always perfectly flat,sometimes with tempered glass you may get slight roller wave which would show in certain lighting at certain angles.Another way to distinguish is that the fragments of the toughened glass are obtuse-angled particles,which will not cause serious harm to the human body.Ordinary glass shattered with sharp edges,which can cause great harm to the human body.

toughened tempered glass broken not heart people

All of our flat and curved toughened glass is manufactured in our custom-built factory toCCC standards.We also have CE/EN 12150 AS/NZS 2208 ANSI certificate to provide,plus we can offer a full range of thicknesses and shapes for you,to ensure its quality.