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China best quality best price 12 mm flat and curved tempered glassChina best quality best price 12 mm flat and curved tempered glassChina best quality best price 12 mm flat and curved tempered glassChina best quality best price 12 mm flat and curved tempered glass

China best quality best price 12 mm flat and curved tempered glass

  • 1. Product name: 12 mm flat tempered glass, 12 mm curved toughened glass door
  • 2. Glass thickness: 6mm to 19 mm safety glass door thickness
  • 3. Processing: Drilling holes, cutouts, According to Polish your drawing and design up a notch
  • 4. Application: Shower room, Office, living room, bedroom, front door shopping mall, etc.
  • 5. Production time is confirmation of order within 15 days after
  • 6. Max size 3300 * 13000mm, any customized size can be meet your requested
  • 7. 4 to 5 times stronger than 12mm clear float glass
  • 8. Package: Strong plywood boxes with metal belt all-glass Pack

Glass factory in China 12 mm flat and curved toughened glass

Tempered glass door

Glass doors are very popular in existing applications due to their versatility and decorative effects. Glass doors are some features, such as glass tempered glass doors are used to make transparent, good light transmission, easy to clean, high mechanical strength, good thermal stability, broken glass layer, and certain anti-theft damage, prevent effective and easy Burning.

12mm flat tempered glass

Manufacture of 12 mm tempered glass, the annealed glass is heated and cooled rapidly over 600 ° C, thereby high compression and compensating for the core or glass under stress in the center of the outer surface of the glass lock. When strength, thermal resistance and safety are key considerations, it is a safety glass.

tempered glass for window wall

About 12 mm curved tempered glass

The 12 mm curved tempered glass is produced by controlling the computer and then rapidly cooled. It is hot-bent glass and tempered glass. This is a high quality, tempered glass product that offers multi-dimensional new high-end custom sizes on curved glass.

Door glass application

1. Shopping mall front door, sliding door supermarket
2. Kitchen doors
3. Shower door
4. Conference room door, office door
5. Automatic door, horizontal sliding door, swing door
6. Lift the hotel door
7. Modern wooden door glass

Tempered glass performance

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Tempered glass package in KXG

Package glass in KXG



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