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China high quality 17.52mm 21.52mm 31.52mm Non-Slip glass floor factoryChina high quality 17.52mm 21.52mm 31.52mm Non-Slip glass floor factoryChina high quality 17.52mm 21.52mm 31.52mm Non-Slip glass floor factoryChina high quality 17.52mm 21.52mm 31.52mm Non-Slip glass floor factory

China high quality 17.52mm 21.52mm 31.52mm Non-Slip glass floor factory

  • 1.Product name: 17.52mm 21.52mm 31.52mm Non-Slip glass floor factory
  • 2.Glass thickness 6+6+6mm, 8+8+8mm, 10+10+10mm, 12+12+12mm, 15+15+15mm, 19+19+19mm
  • 3.Sample size: 300 x 300mm
  • 4.Processing polished edges, drill holes or cut notches for installing the fittings
  • 5.Advantages: anti-moist,privacy design,safety,durable,anti-scratch
  • 6.Production time within 15 working days after order is confirmed
  • 7.Packed in strong plywood crates to avoid breakage
  • 8.Certificate:CCC/ISO9001/CE/SGCC/Australian Certificate

China safety 17.52mm 21.52mm 31.52mm non-slip ultra clear tempered laminated glass floor factory 


Non-slip glass flooring, also known as ceramicfrit-shielded non-slip glass flooring, is an innovative flooring material without standing performance and safety. It is widely used because of the technical production of different design patterns on the glass surface to obtain the anti-slip effect, which is easy to clean and beautiful.


In addition to non-slip glass flooring,there are other types of glass flooring, such as matte non-slip floor glass,special processing non-slip floor glass.


China high quality Non-Slip glass floor factory

The matte non-slip glass floor is made of frosted glass surface, and the glass surface is very rough to achieve anti-slip effect. This type of floor glass has a good anti-slip effect, but is not easy to clean, so it is less preferred by the market.


Specially processed non-slip glass floor,our Kunxing glass has been developed for many years, using a variety of processing techniques, using A-class quality glasses, the surface uses aspecial anti-slip pattern. It has the best anti-slip effect and is very easy to clean.


The glass thickness of the floor application depends on the application and engineering requirements. Common thicknesses include 17.52mm, 21.52mm and 31.52mm.


Laminated anti-slip glass


Color: gray, green, blue, black, super transparent, clear, bronze, etc.

With mirror bottom: ultra-clear, transparent and colored.

Thickness: 6,8,10,12mm laminated each

Weight: 2.5 kg/m2 per mm thickness.


Highly scratched and stain resistant.

Large-scale production capacity.

Easy to cut, beveled, bent, drilled,tempered and laminated.

Highly non-slip, easy to clean.

Available in different colors and patternsdepending on the design.

The specific design of grip and drainage.

Indoor, outdoor, dry and wet use.



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