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  • Release on 2020-07-31
    Tempered glass doors are very common in life. What we often see is clear tempered glass, clear laminated glass or clear insulated glass. Have you ever seen a glass door with a pattern printed on the glass? Recently, KXG customized a silk screen printed tempered glass door for customers. White stripes are printed on the glass.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-07-29
    Do you know how to choose the right glass for house windows? Tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, wire glass etc. Click to view this article, I believe you can get good suggestions.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-07-24
    On July 24th 2020, Kunxing building glass factory loading a containers of tempered laminated glass and tempered insulated glass to Dubai. We are a professional glass company, Our main product are tempered glass, tempered glass heat soak treatment, curved tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, silk screen printing glass and so on. We also accept custom glass products.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-07-22
    What should we pay attention to before and during installation of glass doors and windows? How should we inspect the installed glass doors and windows? Let's take a look.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-07-18
    Smart glass has a wide range of applications, covering administrative offices, public services, commercial entertainment, home life, advertising media, exhibitions, imaging, public safety and many other fields.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-07-15
    July 14, 2020, Kunxing building glass factory have a 40ft container need to loading. This container is filled with custom-made 10mm thick clear tempered glass and 12mm clear tempered glass for shower room and balcony glass fence.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-07-10
    Do you know Saint-Gobain? Today, KXG will introduce to you the largest CBD in Europe, Saint-Gobain Group’s global headquarters building in Paris.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-07-08
    Common Chinese landscape paintings are generally drawn on paper and hung in the living room or study for decoration. Have you ever seen a Chinese landscape painting printed on glass?Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-07-03
    2020 July 2th Kunxing Building Glass Factory needed to loading tempered laminated insulated glass to Malaysia. Tempered laminated insulated glass can have all the characteristics of tempered glass, laminated glass and insulated glass.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-30
    Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) designed The Heights public school in Virginia, outside Washington, DC, which is a fan-shaped glass school.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-27
    The glass that KXG shipped to customers in Portugal and New Zealand some time ago has been safely delivered to customers and installed. We have also received feedback from customers recently.
    Customers say that our glass is of excellent quality and the packaging is very strong and safe. The customer shared with us the effect picture after the installation, the glass size is very accurate.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-24
    The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, which has a history of more than two thousand years. Tomorrow is the Dragon Boat Festival, KXG will take a day off for the Dragon Boat Festival. KXG wish everybody a happy Dragon Boat Festival!Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-22
    KXG can accept custom glass and is willing to work with customers to turn their imagination into reality. The company pays attention to technological innovation and continuously develops new products suitable for high-end market demand.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-18
    Today, KXG will introduce you to the wooden box packaging of our factory glass. KXG has two types of wooden boxes, namely ordinary wooden boxes and sealed boxes. Of course, we also support custom packaging. Special wooden boxes can be customized according to customer requirements or local market requirements.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-16
    On June 15, 2020, all employees of the Kunxing Building Glass Factory gathered in the square for the monthly meeting.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-13
    On June 12, 2020, Kunxing Building Glass Factory ships glass for two customers. Nigerian customers’ goods are custom-made tempered glass and tempered insulating glass. Spanish customer's goods are laminated glass.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-12
    The serpentine glass building of the University of Chicago Hong Kong campus. Excellent application case of Curved insulated glass curtain wall.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-10
    Insulated glass and laminated glass are very common in life. Today KXG will take you to understand the application scenarios of insulated glass and laminated glass.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-06
    On June 6, 2020, Kunxing Building Glass Factory loading two container to Philippines.The first container is filled with tempered laminated glass, and the second container is tempered laminated insulating glass.Read More>>
  • Release on 2020-06-04
    Musée Atelier Audemars Piguet Museum is a spiral building in Switzerland for watchmakers to store their timepiece series. Due to the large area of clear insulated glass used throughout the museum, the entire museum looks very bright. The glass curtain wall has the functions of energy saving and thermal insulation.Read More>>