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A new way to play frosted glass

  • Source:KXG
  • Release on:2021-05-28

KXG has a new product.Let me show you around.Ground glass needs to use the depth of skilled technique and manual carving turn to cooperate.This process can better show the texture of the glass text, so that the painted text to people's feeling.

tempered glass

The first step of glass surface treatment: ground glass is to use acid to erode the glass surface, the formation of rough and dull translucent hair surface, the glass products with special decorative effect.The second step of glass processing: ground glass as the substrate, to achieve the effect as shown.


The method is to use decorative engraving method, that is, artificial engraving glass.Wash and dry the glass to be carved, and place it flat, and temporarily cover the part of the text.Other parts have to be knocked out little by little manually, a process that requires great skill and patience.Carvers will create beautiful words on such fragile glass objects, bringing a sense of beauty and amazing craftsmanship.


You must be wondering where to put all this beautiful glass.Today KXG comes to tell you, as shown in the picture below.(Picture from the Internet)

You can also click on the image below to watch a video of the frosted glass made by KXG to take you to see our products in action.


KXG can accept customized glass, willing to work with customers to turn their imagination into reality, the company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, to constantly develop new products suitable for the high-end market demand as the main direction.