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Application scenarios of insulated glass and laminated glass

Application scenarios of insulated glass and laminated glass

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Original 2020-06-10 17:35:14

Insulated glass and laminated glass are very common in life. Today KXG will take you to understand the application scenarios of insulated glass and laminated glass.

laminated insulated glass

Insulated glass is widely used and can be used for glass curtain walls, glass doors, windows and other places. Today we are going to talk about the most commonly used insulated glass--glass curtain wall.

If the insulated glass curtain wall is installed in a high-rise building, it is generally made of laminated glass and tempered insulated glass. The safety performance of laminated glass is high. If the glass is broken by heavy objects, the broken glass will stick to the PVB or SGP interlayer and will not fall down and hurt people. Insulated laminated glass is a composite product that combines the advantages of insulated glass and laminated glass.

As shown in the picture, using blue laminated insulating glass as the glass curtain wall on the top of the building not only has the characteristics of good light transmittance and energy saving, but also does not worry about the glass falling down and hurting people. The blue glass curtain wall installed on the top of the mall is decorated with a few lights, giving people the feeling that they are like beautiful shining stars hanging in the sky.

Insulated glass curtain wall

Laminated glass has high safety performance and can be used in glass doors and windows, balcony glass balustrade, glass stairs, glass floors and other places. In the glass guardrail of public places, the clear laminated glass used in glass elevators not only does not block people's sight, but also has the advantages of light weight, durability, beautiful appearance, safety, etc.

As shown in the picture, the glass used for glass elevators and glass balustrade is laminated glass, with flat laminated glass and curved laminated glass. The curved laminated glass used in the elevator can also make a wavy shape, and the design is very beautiful.

tempered laminated glass balustrade

KXG glassmainlyareused for residential and commercial building projectlike glassbalustrade,glassdoors, glasswindows, glasspartitions, railings, curtain walls, showers and stairs etc.

KXG(Kunxing building glass factory) can customize glass according to customer's requirements. For example, for the glass used for curtain wall, we can provide clear/tinted tempered insulated glass, reflective insulated glass, tempered laminated insulated glass, silk screen printing insulated glass and so on. We can provide tempered glass, clear/tinted tempered laminated glass, colored glazed laminated glass, etc. for the glass used in the position of the guardrail. The pattern, size and shape of the glass can be customized.

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