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Comparison of SGP film and PVB film for laminated glass interlayer film

Comparison of SGP film and PVB film for laminated glass interlayer film


Laminated glass is also called laminated glass.Laminated glass is two or more pieces of glass sandwiched with an intermediate film,which is compressed by a hot press to exhaust the intermediate air as much as possible,and then placed in a high-pressure steam kettle to use high temperature and high pressure to dissolve a small amount of residual air into the middle film.

high pressure machine

At present,polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is widely used as intermediate film for laminated glass curtain wall.PVB has been used for many years and is widely known in curtain wall industry.Because PVB film was originally for auto glass rather than for building curtain wall industry development,although in the construction industry has been used for years,the use of a wide range and has obtained the good effect of security,but PVB film is elastic and soft,the force between two pieces of glass after there will be a relative slip,the bearing capacity to reduce,the bending deformation is large.

At the same time,PVB film laminated glass has poor adhesion to metal,poor water resistance,exposed edges are easy to moisture and unglued,and it is easy to turn yellow after long time use.Therefore,PVB film laminated glass can be used for general glass curtain wall,not suitable for high-performance glass curtain wall.

SGPPVB laminated glass

Compared with the laminated glass produced by PVB,the performance of laminated glass produced by SGP film is superior,because PVB has higher bonding ability to glass,strong tear strength,and can prevent the glass from breaking and flying.PVB laminated glass has strong protection ability, can prevent natural disasters and human damage,strong wind,earthquake,violence,theft and other has enough resistance.There is enough residual bearing capacity,and the glass will not fall off when it is bent after being broken.It can withstand the influence of ultraviolet ray,water vapor and climate change,and will not appear yellowing and discoloration phenomenon after long-term use.

laminated glass safety test

This is the comparative effect of KXG breaking testing with two kinds of films laminated glass.The PVB laminated glass has a large bending amplitude after being broken,and the SGP laminated glass has a small broken bending amplitude.

SGP PVB laminated glass comparison

After some days of observation,the PVB laminated glass has fallen off,while the SGP laminated glass is still intact.This is why SGP laminated glass is so expensive.Both are safety glass, SGP laminated glass is more used in landmark buildings.