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Harm analysis of silicone sealant mixed with white oil used in insulating glass

  • Source:KXG
  • Release on:2021-09-23

With the prosperous development of the construction and decoration industries,the production and sales of the silicone sealant industry is increasing day by day,and it is a star industry with unlimited prospects in the future. But with the continuous increase in production,especially some small workshops and small factories have also invested in the sealant production industry.The types of sealant used for insulating glass are also gradually increasing.When we choose insulating glass,we must pay attention to the quality of silicone sealants.Low cost in silicone sealant to add a large amount of mineral white oil instead of plasticizer.

insulatetd glass for selant

As you know mixing silicone sealants with different contents of white oil will have a serious impact on the aging resistance and bonding extension of the sealant itself,even harm the use of sealant engineering quality.Silicone sealant containing white oil after long-term ultraviolet radiation,the use of substandard sealant will appear serious cracking, fading,aging phenomenon,if the insulated glass use of such sealant,will lose the sealing of hollow,which will affect the life of insulating glass.

Silicone sealant

The silicone sealant used by KXG pays great attention to the quality of the product.It has high resistance to aging and ultraviolet radiation,high water vapor transmission rate,extend the life of insulating glass products,to provide customers with good quality products,let customers use at ease,with comfort.