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Understand the industrial production of laminated glass

Understand the industrial production of laminated glass


Laminated glass is a collective term for composite materials composed of glass and glass or plastic materials separated by an intermediate layer and bonded together through processing.Commonly and mostly used are glass and glass,separated by an intermediate layer and treated to make them bonded into one glass member.The main films of interlayer of laminated glass are PVB,SGP and EVA films.Because of this adhesive material has good impact resistance and bonding performance,even if the glass is broken,foreign impactor will not penetrate the glassglass fragments will not fly to cause human injury or property loss.

laminated glass it doesn't hurt when it breaks

Laminated glass is divided into dry method and wet method.The dry method is to sandwich the film between two or more layers of glass and put it in an autoclave to heat and press it.It is suitable for mass production.It is industrialized and has high product strength.The characteristics of stable quality.The wet method refers to pouring the prepared adhesive slurry between two or more sheets of glass that have been closed,and then making laminated glass through heating polymerization or light polymerization.The quality is not as stable as the industrial dry process,so it is not suitable for mass production.

Laminated glass in industrial production must first pass through the laminated production line of the laminated chamber,that is,two or more pieces of glass sandwiched together by film,indoor need constant temperature,humidity and cleanliness.The sheet is rolled to make it more cohesive.Finally,the autoclave also needs an appropriate high temperature and high pressure to solve the residual air in the degassing process of laminated glass,allowing the viscous activity of laminated glass film and making glass and film more cohesive.After the autoclave comes out,the laminated glass is the finished product.

laminated safety glass

The laminated safety glass produced by KXG is made of high-quality high-grade float glass and imported laminated film,through advanced industrial production process,pay attention to the details of each process to ensure the quality of products,to provide customers with high-quality and safe products.