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How much do you know about insulating glass sealant

How much do you know about insulating glass sealant


Insulating glass sealant is a new generation of green environmental protection sealing material born under the national policy on high efficiency, energy saving, sealing and environmental protection of construction projects. Insulating glass sealant can be divided into two categories: thermoplastic and thermosolid.  Insulating glass sealant belonging to the thermoplastic category has hot melt butyl adhesive, polyisobutene adhesive and comfortable rubber strip.  The insulating glass sealant belonging to the heat setting category has silicone glue, polyurethane glue and polysulfide glue.  In general, hot plastic is used for the first seal, and hot glue is used for the second seal, that is, structural seal.

insulatetd glass selant

Insulating glass products currently circulating on the market are generally double-sealed. Double-channel sealing means: the first channel uses butyl sealant, and the second channel uses polysulfide or silicone structural adhesive. Butyl sealant is the first seal of aluminum strip type insulating glass. It is a thermoplastic sealant with very low water vapor transmission rate and high viscosity. is the most effective barrier between the aluminum strip side and the glass to block water vapor,but it needs to be heated and pressurized by a special machine to stabilize.

The insulating glass produced by KXG is spacer double-channel sealing insulating glass. The spacer uses aluminum strip or warm edge adhesive strip. The first one is butyl adhesive with good sealing performance, and the second one is double-channel sealing with structural adhesive to ensure the quality of the product.  

insulatetd glass aluminum strips

What are the consequences of unreliable insulating glass sealant?

At present, the quality and price of sealant on the market are very different,The price of bad glue is only 60% of the price of brand glue.These poor adhesives have poor sealing performance and contain too much silicone oil, which will cause oil flow in the insulated glass during use. The structural adhesives will aging in advance and lose their sealing performance, which will affect the life of the insulatedglass.