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Do you understand the current situation of building glass

Do you understand the current situation of building glass


Building glass market continues to consolidate pattern, some regional production and sales have improved, but the overall wait-and-see atmosphere is still relatively thick. North China Shahe market enterprise shipments have improved, the small plate price rebound; East China market to the stable operation, the downstream receiving caution; Central China market, the original piece of enterprise stable operation, the overall production and sales in general; South China individual enterprises, shipping prices slightly loose. The current shipping prices are high, the short-term export of building glass market demand reduced.

low iron tempered glass

Impact:Demand is less than expected risk: downstream demand for building glass is dominated by the real estate and photovoltaic industries, and changes in industrial policy and financing policy will have a large impact on the demand for construction glass. If future industry demand increases less than expected, the price of construction glass is high.

Supply exceeds expectations: As the industry continues to be high boom, do not rule out the supply exceeds the expected increase, then the supply and demand tension pattern will ease, construction glass prices will be under pressure.

Peak season logic has not yet materialized, and the overall impact on the building glass contract is bearish due to policy emphasis on supply growth expectations. Where to go after the continuous break of building glass?

Building glass market outlook.

Building glass has dual off-season attributes. The attributes reflect the firm demand posture in the second half of the year, but also to price in a deep seasonal pullback in downstream demand for deep processing around the Spring Festival. Outlook for the second half of the year, despite the overall weak real estate data on the black building materials bulk commodities have an overall impact, but the high growth in early sales led to the completion of real estate demand is still expected to continue in the second half of the year, the late building glass trend is expected to remain stable in the phase.