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Safety hazards of glass curtain wall and solutions

Safety hazards of glass curtain wall and solutions


Glass curtain wall as a unique design in modern architecture, it embodies a combination of architectural and aesthetic structural design, and it brings out the multiple functions of glass. For example, the permeability of the glass curtain wall, the best view through the glass, the field of view to reach very large. Architectural glass can be customized to any geometric shape, producing a rich variation in architectural form, and can fully reflect the imagination and creativity of designers. A very big highlight of the current use of glass curtain walls is the aesthetics of architectural glass. Many architectural projects have been plagued by the fact that some glass curtain walls are plagued by broken and falling glass.


1Glass breakage caused by thermal stress

Thermal stress is an important cause of glass curtain wall broken. Glass curtain walls are heated for many reasons, but the main source of heat is sunlight, when the sun's rays shine on the surface of the glass curtain wall, the glass will be heat expansion. Glass edge with broken marks or tiny cracks, these defects are vulnerable to thermal stress, as the temperature difference increases, the thermal stress leads to a gradual increase in cracks later lead to glass shattering.

tempered glass


First: Finishing treatment of the glass edge, using methods such as fine grinding edge or polished edge to reduce the presence of tiny cracks.

Second: Temper the glass to enhance the ability of the glass to resist temperature changes.

Third: In the process of glass processing, handling and installation, take care not to collide and rub the glass edges with other hard objects, and strictly comply with the glass operation procedures. Especially in the installation process, if the frame is not suitable (too small or twisted and deformed), you must remember not to clip off the glass edges with pliers, and must correct the frame so that the frame adapts to the size of the glass.

low iron tempered glass

2Curtain wall glass structural adhesive failure

Glass curtain wall because of the long-term adverse factors of the natural environment, such as wind, sun, rain, ultraviolet radiation, earthquake, etc., so the glass curtain wall is required to have weather resistance, durability, corrosion resistance, as the bonding material of the structural adhesive becomes the most critical.

The solution: try to use open frame, semi-hidden frame glass curtain wall, even if the structural adhesive failure, but with the support and restraint of the frame, the chances of glass falling will be greatly reduced.