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Curved tempered glass knowledge

Curved tempered glass knowledge

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-05-20 14:43:36
Bending tempered glass means that theoriginal piece of glass is heated by a tempering furnace and conveyed to theforming tempering section through a ceramic roller or asbestos roller. Theroad is bent to make the softened glass into an arc, and then the windshield betweenthe rollers is cooled and tempered.

Machinable glass thickness: 3-19mm


1. High intensity

Bent tempered glass is produced in the sameway as tempered glass, and is heated to provide compressive stress to the glassto enhance the strength of the glass. Therefore, the curved tempered glass hasthe same strength design value as the tempered glass, and its special shapemakes it have better wind pressure resistance than the tempered glass.

2. Security

The crushing method is the same as that oftempered glass, and the obtuse-angled fine particles are not harmful to thehuman body.

3. Thermal shock

It has good thermal shock resistance andcan be kept intact within the temperature range of 220 °C ~ 250 °C.

curved tempered glass fence balustrade


Curved tempered glass is another temperedglass variety that has been widely welcomed by architects in recent years, notonly because it has the same safety performance and high strength as temperedglass, but more importantly, it can meet the higher requirements of modernarchitects for their works. . Its smooth streamlined shape makes perfecttransition from the flat curtain wall to the curved glass curtain wall, makingthe glass curtain wall building more beautiful, more smooth and flat, and anatural and good overall feeling.

Applicable place

Curved glass curtain wall, daylight shed,sightseeing elevator, indoor partition, interior decoration, furniture, etc.