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Difference between curved tempered glass and hot bending glass

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  • Release on:2019-08-12
Difference between curved tempered glass and hot bending glass

Both curved tempered glass and curved bent glass, can be made of clear float glass, low iron glass, tinted float glass, reflective glass, patterned glass, frosted glass, silk glasses, and can use to create different types of laminated glass and insulated glass according to customized request. But what is the difference between curved tempered glass and curved annealed glass?

1- The production process

Curved tempered glass is produced flat float glass through computer-shaped mold and then fast cooling, safety glass. When Curved tempered glass is produced by firing flat float glass to the softening point on metal molds, and then bent into shape according to the weight of the glass and the external force, and finally cooling slowly, it announces the glass..

2- shape

Curved tempered glass can only create a radius curve shape and has strict radius size limits. But bent annealed glass can produce many different shapes like Crane, Cracked z, U u, two radius, multi radius, etc. and there is almost no radius size limit.

3- Characteristic

Curved tempered glass is a type of safety glass that, when broken, obscured small corners have hurt people, but it cannot be cut after it is completed. While bent annealed glass is a type of float glass, when broken, sharp fragments will easily hurt people, but it can cut to any size as required.

4. Application

As for curved glass, it includes curved tempered glass and tempered glass(hot bending glass), both are increasingly popular in furniture and architecture. Curved tempered glass is widely used for balcony, shower door, office partitions. Tempered glass maximizing can meet the requirements of architects and designers, Often used for furniture.

Curved tempered glass

12mm curved tempered glass

12mm extra clear curved tempered glass

Bending tempered glass, hot bending glass

Hot bending glass

Bending annealed glass

Hot bending glass