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Do you know the advantages of digital printing glass

Do you know the advantages of digital printing glass


Perhaps the wine cabinets, dining tables, doors and windows we have seen before are just a piece of tempered glass. Many glass industries cannot solve the problem of showing strong adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, low cost, and rich and colorful personalized patterns on the glass. However, with people's pursuit of beauty and individuality, and technological progress, many foreign buildings are using digital printing glass to decorate the city, giving people a different visual experience.

Digital printing glass is a high technology by using multi colors to print pattern in many colors at same time. Then it go through tempered glass furnace to get tempered digital printed glass.


1.A wide range of silk screen printed glass products. can be produced by applying various customers required patterns, with multi colors.

2.Scratch resistant, acid and alkali resistant.

3.High color stability , durable and without color fading.

4.Safety glass with tempered glass desirable properties.

5.Effective in providing solar shading.

The emergence of high-temperature color glaze printers has greatly solved the previous technical problems of glass tempered monochrome, and has also brought new colors to the construction and decoration industry. You can print your favorite patterns on the glass through digital printing. The printing effect is realistic and the colors are beautiful, which fundamentally changes the visual sense of traditional glass printing. The most important thing is that it has the characteristics of environmental protection and zero pollution, which is fully in line with the health concept of modern people's pursuit of health.

ApplicationsFacade; interior decoration; opacified area; furniture; metro station; electronic products; partition; building; wall cladding; etc. The digital printing glass always express a vivid and colorful image that is liked by architects.

KXG can accept customized glass, willing to work with customers to turn their imagination into reality, the company pays attention to scientific and technological innovation, to constantly develop new products suitable for the high-end market demand as the main direction.