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Enamelled Tempered Glass--Make your home more elegant and gorgeous

Enamelled Tempered Glass--Make your home more elegant and gorgeous

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-11-16 14:43:18
Due to the transparent effect of the glass, a large area can be used indoors to increase the visual perspective effect, which increases or lengthens the space. But in fact, in addition to increasing the sense of space, glass can also be used to make the home elegant and gorgeous through the use of glass color changes.

Part 1:

Glass category: Silkscreen printed glass

Use site: Entire wall partition

As shown in the picture below, different types of printed patterns are used on the glass partition wall of the living room. The simple and elegant patterns make the living room very characteristic.

silk screen printing tempered glass


The beautiful print on the glass not only makes the living room more beautiful, but also plays a role of partitioning. It can protect the privacy and decorate the living room, which is very practical.
This type of glass surface is a feature, so it is used for porch, partition wall and door has a good decorative effect. Using such a glass is a very smart choice where you want to stay transparent and don't want to be too rigid.

silk screen printing glass door

Part 2:

Glass category: Lacquered glass

Use site: Whole wall, kitchen splash guard

Lacquered glass it is color and opaque,produced by deposition and then baking a highly durable and resistant lacquer in one side of the glass.
As shown in the picture below, the lacquered glass is visually softer, using solid-colored lacquered glass as the entire wall, and specially selected light-colored glass, which is more beautiful under the light. If the paint glass is used as the splash guard of the kitchen, it can also make the kitchen very modern in color, and it can also reflect the effect of the jewelry under the light.

lacquered glass

Splashback tempered glass for kitchen

splashback glass


In the case of poor lighting, Use the whole colored glass will makes the overall style more modern, and visually creates a sense of depth.
In the narrow spaces and passages at home, the use of different colors of lacquered glass with the overall space effect can give the space a new look.

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partition wall glass