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How to choose a soundproof glass window?

  • Source:Internet
  • Release on:2019-10-04
The glass materials of Soundproof glass windows it is divided into a common part tempered glass, laminated glass, insulating glass and laminated insulating glass etc

He laminated insulating glass These glasses have the best soundproofing effect. Because the laminated insulating glass consists of three pieces of tempered glass, PVB / SGP film and hollow layer, it has a strong sound insulation capacity; He laminated glass It has good soundproofing effect, high security and does not break easily; Ordinary single piece tempered glass It is only capable of reducing noise and the soundproofing effect in high decibels is not obvious.

The selection of soundproof glass in home renovation should be based on the living environment. For example, if there are buildings over 20 p iso s high and there are no large trains or trailers nearby, you can consider insulating glass or laminated glass. If p iso is low and near roads, viaducts and nearby noise sources, its use should be considered. laminated insulating glass, to better solve the noise problem.