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Five types of silicone sealant introduction

  • Source:Internet
  • Release on:2019-05-27
According to the application, the sealant can be roughly divided into the following five categories: silicone structural sealant, silicone weatherproof sealant, ordinary silicone sealant, two-way silicone sealant for insulating glass, and special-purpose silicone sealant.

insulated glass with silicone structural

1.Silicone structural sealant

Uses: It is mainly used for the structural bonding of glass and aluminum sub-frames, and also for the two-way sealing of hollow glass in hidden frame curtain wall.

Features: Withstand wind load, gravity load, high requirements for strength and aging resistance, and certain requirements for elasticity.

2. Silicone weatherproof sealant

Uses: joint sealing function to ensure air tightness, water tightness and other properties.

Features: It needs to withstand the wide and narrow seam change, high elasticity (displacement ability), high aging resistance requirements, no strength, high modulus, low modulus.

3. Ordinary silicone sealant

Uses: door and window joints, external wall caulking and other position sealing.

Features: Withstand wide and narrow seam changes, have certain displacement capacity requirements, and do not require strength.

4. Two-way silicone sealant for insulating glass

Uses: Insulating glass two-way sealing to ensure the stability of the insulating glass structure.

Features: high modulus, not too soft, some have structural requirements.

5. Special purpose silicone sealant

Uses: Used for joint sealing with special requirements, such as fireproof, mildewproof, etc.

Features: Need to have some special properties (such as mildew, fire, etc.).

Silicone sealant glass