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Can the glass insulation film function as a heat and explosion proof?

Can the glass insulation film function as a heat and explosion proof?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-05-25 11:52:58
Glass is a very common material in construction engineering. When it comes to glass, many people think of broken and transparent words. Ordinary glass is easy to break and cannot withstand too much vibration and pressure. So there is tempered glass and insulated. The birth of glass, however, these kinds of glass cannot guarantee foolproof, and the cost of construction is relatively high, the glass can not block the glare, so the glass has great limitations, people think of using the film to block part of the sun Photothermal energy transfer.

Good quality insulation film is generally insulated 3-7 degrees. When the outdoor temperature is higher, the effect of heat insulation is more obvious, and the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is greater. The heat of heat insulation has a great relationship with the climate. The effect of the film is not only reflected in the summer, but also in the winter. The film not only blocks the heat from the outside, but also blocks the heat from the room. This is a two-way transmission process, but we pay more attention to the heat transfer of the summer sun.

Insulated glass wall

The effect of the glass film in the short-term heat insulation may not be obvious, but after a long time, it can save a lot of electricity. If you simply consider energy conservation, glass film is also a big project. After all, there are still a lot of high-rise buildings in the city. If each building is covered with thermal insulation film, it takes a lot of effort. In addition, the glass film can prevent the damage of the furniture caused by ultraviolet rays. Some leather and wooden households can not be exposed to strong light. The ultraviolet irradiation time is long, and the fading phenomenon is easy to occur, and the material will be damaged and affect the service life.

The glass insulation film is not only reflected in the heat insulation effect, but also has a good performance in terms of safety. Apply a thermal barrier to protect the skin from UV damage, especially in high-rise buildings. Many office buildings use door and window curtain walls. Most of the walls are made of glass. An ultraviolet radiation area is formed around the glass doors and windows. For those who are in the area for a long time, the skin will be more aging than the ultraviolet radiation area. Personnel, it is very necessary to put a thermal film at this time.

Glass insulation film has another function, which is often mentioned explosion-proof. In addition to the burst caused by external impact, the self-explosion rate of tempered glass is about 3‰, and glass self-explosion will cause great loss to our lives and property. If you do not apply film or post a film that is not explosion-proof, then the glass may fall or splash, which may endanger our personal safety.