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Glass guardrail style

Glass guardrail style

Dongguan Kunxing Glass Co KXG 2022-12-23 15:36:49

Glass balcony guardrail has good flexibility, not easy to be affected by external forces and broken, strong and durable, strong impact resistance, to ensure maximum personal and property safety, so that you can live with peace of mind, with a comfortable.

glass railing balcony glass balustrade guardrail


The balcony glass guardrail is made of steel and aluminum as the main material. According to different glass fixing methods, balcony glass guardrails are classified, and the basic styles are as follows:


Inlay type. This way is set up by the glass on both sides of the column, the column on both sides of the slot, or with the ground on three sides, or with the handrail on three sides of the slot. The glass is directly installed into these two or three grooves, and fixed by injecting glass glue into the grooves.


balcony glass guardrail balustrade safety glass


Splint type. The splint type is to clamp the glass through the slot welded on the column. At least two or more card slots must be set on each metal column. After the card slots and columns are welded, they should be polished smoothly, and there should be no welding marks by hand or visual inspection. All the card slots on a column must be on a vertical line, and all columns of each fence must also be vertical and straight.


The slot between every two uprights should be on a vertical plane. When installing the glass, the glass must be clamped into the groove, but the clamping force should be properly controlled and must not exceed the scope of the design requirements, so as to avoid damage to the glass due to excessive clamping force.


grey tinted decorated glass balustrade


Most of the users living in high-rise buildings like to stand on the balcony and look out into the distance, watch the night view and enjoy the moonlight, the life is extremely comfortable. The glass balcony guardrail has the characteristics of permeability, which can be seen without any shelter. In addition, it can also allow the sunlight to fully shine into the balcony, ensuring sufficient sunlight and temperature for your balcony vegetable garden or drying clothes.