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Why modern offices are using glass high partition walls

Why modern offices are using glass high partition walls

Dongguan Kunxing Glass Co KXG 2022-12-16 11:33:40

The use of glass in the office is not only good for lighting, but also integrates the indoor and outdoor landscapes, reducing the feeling of tightness of a small space, but also reflecting the owner's unique temperament of fashion and modernity. Therefore, glass has gradually become the new favorite in office space decoration. Ordinary consumers may not be aware that there are many kinds of seemingly ordinary glass, and it is very necessary to choose the corresponding glass according to different needs.

safety office glass partition

Among the common glass partitions, clear glass partitions are simple and bright, stained glass partitions are elegant and refined, frosted or pattern glass partitions are noble and elegant, and cracked glass partitions are ethereal and mysterious...The different visual effects are all created by relying on different materials.

office glass partition factory

The glass partition is used to distinguish the facade of the interior space. The one extending from the ground to the ceiling is called a high partition, and the one that does not reach the ceiling is called a low partition.

The characteristics of the glass partition wall: are good lighting, good sound insulation and fire resistance, environmental protection and easy installation, and reusable and maintenance-free.

privacy printing glass office partition screen

The single-glass partition wall is a single-layer glass partition wall. Its basic structure is a partition wall composed of single-layer glass and aluminum metal profiles. It has good spatiality and low cost.

The double glass partition wall is a double-layer glass partition wall. Its basic structure is a partition wall composed of double glass and aluminum metal profiles, which is firm and durable, with a stronger overall sense. In addition, various louvers are added between the double glass to achieve more effects.

transmission clear glass office partition

For meeting rooms, negotiation rooms, design rooms, and other similar areas, double-sided tempered glass can be used to form 6mm+8mm insulating glass. Because the sound insulation coefficient of this combination is very high, it meets the quiet and interference-free requirements of the above places. The glass design can reflect the atmosphere and steady effect.