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Glass handrail stairs, beautiful and advanced

Glass handrail stairs, beautiful and advanced


Glass is one of the common materials used in staircase decoration, especially suitable for modern style decoration space, not only has a good home space with a good sense of fashion life, the visual effect looks beautiful and generous but also very senior. Glass can not only be used alone, but also can be used in combination with wood, metal and other materials to bring a more visually appealing home decorating effect.

glass handrail balcony and stair railing handrail

Directly choosing glass as the stair handrail can make the space look more transparent. There is no wood or metal on the top, and the glass needs to be chamfered and smoothed. The fixing method of the bottom of the glass is also very important to ensure the safety during use.

stair handrail glass balustrade landscape design glass

It may not be suitable for some friends with poor eyesight and fear of heights for the combined glass stair handrail with no other material above. You can consider using wood or metal materials to match, such as log color, black, let the armrest see more clearly, avoid walking above to produce dizzy dazzle feeling.

stair handrail safety railing glass balustrade

When using metal material to match the glass handrail, you can paint colored paint on the metal surface, and the color of the paint needs to match the overall decoration style. In order to ensure the safety of future use, the relevant standards must be strictly implemented when installing the glass handrail,best to carry out relevant tests after the installation is completed.

black wood stair handrail with tempered glass

Install black wood guardrail above the glass, the glass guardrailfeel can be more comfortable, look also can be more eye-catching, to the friend that is not very good vision, such stair effect just appears more practical.