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Service life of door and window glass

Service life of door and window glass


There are usually only two cases affecting the life of the door and window glass, humid air and high temperature.

Life span of insulating glass

Insulating glass is composited of composed of glass substrate, aluminum strip air spacer, desiccant (molecular sieve), and sealing material (butyl glue, polysulfide glue or structural glue), glass and aluminum frame are usually very stable, and the lifespan of insulating glass depends on the lifespan of molecular sieves and sealing materials.

insulated glass window door high quality glass

Due to the change of ambient temperature, the gas in the hollow cavity is always in a state of expansion or compression, so that the insulating glass sealing system is always in a state of stress. At the same time, ultraviolet rays, water and moisture in the environment will accelerate the aging of the sealing system, resulting in Water vapor is accelerated into the hollow cavity.

When a large amount of water vapor appears in the hollow glass cavity, the insulating glass has failed, and the failure of the insulating glass means that the service life of the insulating glass is terminated. The key to ensuring that the insulating glass does not fail is the desiccant and the sealing material.

laminated insulated glass curtain wall glass window door

Regarding the life of insulating glass, the earliest Chinese glass enterprises gave the concept of 10-year warranty period according to the American standard; in the national standard for insulating glass GB/T11944-2012, the reference agreement for the life of insulating glass was proposed for the first time, and the first time "The life expectancy of insulating glass should be greater than 15 years" concept.

In fact, the life of hollow glass is closely related to the selection and processing process of hollow glass materials, and it is also affected by many factors such as hollow glass layout composition and use environment. At the same time, it is also affected by many factors such as the layout and composition of insulating glass, the use environment, etc., and it is difficult to simply quantify. For insulating glass already installed on the wall, a relatively simple measurement is actually the dew point or partition air humidity.

building glass door life span insulated glass

KXG has done a dew point test, and the experimental results show that KXG's insulating glass meets the national standard.

Life span of laminated glass

Laminated glass is a composite glass product with one or more layers of organic polymer intermediate film sandwiched between two pieces of glass to make the glass and the intermediate film permanently bonded after technological treatment. Laminated glass will be glued to the film even if the glass is broken in the debris, effectively preventing the injury of the fragments and penetrating the occurrence of falling events, and ensuring personal safety.

The service life of laminated glass mainly depends on the material of the interlayer. Normally, wet laminated glass and EVA laminated glass are mainly used for indoor partitions, not for building doors, windows or curtain walls. Wet laminated glass will accelerate aging under sunlight, yellowing will appear after 1-2 years, and degumming bubbles, ice flowers and fogging will start to appear in 2-3 years.

insulated laminated glass window door building glass

Generally speaking, the aging rate of wet laminated glass is much faster than that of EVA laminated glass. EVA laminated glass can have a lifespan of more than 10 years when used indoors to avoid direct sunlight.