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How is curved glass manufactured

How is curved glass manufactured


Curved glass is a common element in many modern interior projects and commercial spaces.

Whether used for a staircase,partition or balcony,facade or balustrade glass bends are a perfect method to section an area whilst still keeping it feeling bright and open.

curved tempered glass stair railing glass balustrade glass

At KXG,we can use our glass bending expertise and specialized equipment to bend the bends and shapes our customers require.

However,not all of our curved glass is the same.Different processes create different styles of glass that vary in price,adaptability and strength.

curved balustrade glass at home tempered safety glass

Here at Specialist Glass Products,we offer curved glass in different forms:

Hot Bending (curved) Glass

Hot bending glass is non-toughened glass that has been heated when flat to allow it to become malleable to shape around a mould,and then cooled down.It is not as strong as toughened,but when laminated it is more suitable for certain applications,particularly where security is required.

Quadrilateral hot bending glass stair railing glass balustrade glass

It can be used in single or double glazed applications where safety is not a high priority.

Curved Tempered Glass

Curved tempered glass also known as tempered glass,it is produced using annealed glass.Curved tempered glass is shaped by mould controlled by computer rapidly and uniformly cooled immediately after it is heated to the designed shape.

However,it becomes four times stronger during this process.By heating and cooling the glass rapidly, stress is introduced into the glass and strengthens it.

curved tempered glass stair railing glass balustrade glass

Toughened glass is one of the most well-known forms of safety glass,as well as its enhanced strength,if the glass breaks,it will shatter into small,blunt fragments rather than large shards to reduce the risk of injury possible in busy public areas.Toughened glass is often used in projects such as shower room,canopies,balconies and glass balustrades.

curved tempered canopy glass beauty canopy fence

Our toughened bends can also be Heat Soak tested which helps reduce the risk of spontaneous breakage in the future.

Laminated Curved Glass

Laminated curved glassis formed by applying a transparent interlayer between two identical curves of annealed or toughened glass,creating a more durable bend,able to withstand a moderate impact.

Unlike toughened glass,if the laminated glass shatters,the panel will still hold its shape rather than breaking into small pieces.This process is typically used for shop fronts,glass doors,balustrade,screens and office partitions.

curved laminated balustrade glass stair railing glass

Insulated Curved Glass

The insulated curved glass is composed of two or more pieces of curved glass.The glass is isolated by a hollow aluminum tube filled with a desiccant inside,and sealed with butyl glue and structural glue to form a dry space glass.This kind of glass has good sound insulation performance and is generally used in curtain wall buildings,facades,etc.

curved insulated glass curtain wall facade glass

For more information about our services and capabilities or to find out how we can help you with your next project,get in touch.