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Is toughened or laminated glass best for your home glass

Is toughened or laminated glass best for your home glass


Glass is a clever,versatile material.In recent years,it is becoming more and more popular to have as a design feature in the home,from structural balustrades to flooring and stair treads,glass offers a sleek,contemporary feel to any home.

12mm tempered glass shower door glass

If you’re considering updating your home with furniture or structures,you have two options – toughened or laminated – also known as safety glass.

They are often mistaken for one another,yet there are some important distinctions between the two.They are both superior to standard glass and each has beneficial properties that work for different uses.

temepred laminated security

Toughened glass

Toughened glass is also known as tempered safety glass due to how it is manufactured.Toughened is very strong thanks to its tempering process by which it is subjected to intense heating and rapid cooling during its manufacture.This process creates an extremely tough outer layer that can withstand heavy-duty impacts.

When toughened is hit with enough force,it will break up into lots of small, blunt pieces rather than long sharp shards.This means that it is less likely to cause injury around the home compared to ordinary glass.

shape tempered safety glass 12mm tempered table top

6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm tempered glass are often used for home desktops. Our factory can make round glass desktops, square glass desktops and special-shaped desktops. The desktops are very popular abroad.8mm and 10mm tempered glass are often used in family bathrooms, and 10mm and 12mm are often used in family study or living room partitions.

shape tempered safety glass 12mm tempered glass table top

Laminated glass

Laminated glassis manufactured to have a thin layer of plastic between two sheets of glass,bonding the two planes together – almost like glue,so that even when it breaks,the fragments stay together rather than shatter.This also means that the glass will not leave a hole for intruders to get through,making it ideal for security purposes.It also features noise reduction properties and can block out a great deal of UV radiation.

SGP laminated glass 8mm laminated glass vs double glazing

Laminated glass is mostly used for doors and windows. The laminated glass in our factory can also be tempered, and tempered laminated glass is safer.

With this in mind,you may ask,which is best for the different applications around the home?

Toughened is best for applications where durable and heat-resistance glass is needed,such as worktops,glass partition,shower screens and balustrades.It offers strong impact resistance and is less likely to cause injury inside the home in the event of an accident.

12.72laminated safety home glass door

Whereas laminated security glass is best for doors and windows–or wherever enhancing security is vital as it will be very difficult for thieves or intruders to enter the home.It is also great for sound reduction meaning it will help reduce external noise from traffic,neighbors,pedestrians or construction work.