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How much do you know about Enamelled Tempered Glass?

How much do you know about Enamelled Tempered Glass?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-10-10 16:04:24
The enamelled tempered glass is printed the glaze on the surface of the glass according to the design scheme, and then tempered after drying, and the glaze is permanently sintered on the surface of the glass to obtain a wear-resistant, acid-resistant decorative glass product. In order to pursue the environmental, aesthetic and cultural harmony of architecture, people have applied a large number of enamelled tempered glass in the architectural decoration industry.

In the process of tempering and sintering, the glaze melts on the surface of the glass, so it has the characteristics of stable color, not easy to fade and the glaze layer is not easy to fall off, and can achieve the same life as the building. Enamelled tempered glass can also be coated, laminated, synthetic hollow and other composite processing to obtain special properties for other purposes. Therefore, it is widely used in the building decoration industry; furniture glass, electronic glass, etc.


Enamelled tempered glass is printed by screen printing and digital printing. Both methods have high-temperature glaze and low-temperature glaze. High-temperature color glaze means that the glaze is printed on glass and sintered on the glass surface at a temperature of 600-700 °C. The low temperature glaze is printed the glaze on the glass surface for drying, and the drying temperature generally does not exceed 200 °C.