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How to choose the right glass window for the house

How to choose the right glass window for the house

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2020-07-29 19:15:00

Ordinary toughened glass provides basic security

Toughened glass can greatly improve the impact resistance and safety of the glass. The impact resistance of toughened glass is 5-10 times that of ordinary glass, and its bending resistance is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass.

tempered glass door

Choose heat-absorbing coated glass for windows exposed exposed to direct sunlight

Heat-absorbing coated glass can be used for windows in rooms exposed to direct sunlight. Because the heat-absorbing glass absorbs infrared light, it can attenuate 20%-30% of the incident solar energy, thereby reducing the heat energy entering the room. In summer, the load of the air conditioner can be reduced; in winter, the temperature rises due to the absorption of infrared light, which can withstand the external cold and achieve energy-saving effects. Because the heat-absorbing glass is colored glass, the decorative effect is also obvious while saving energy.

coated tempered glass

Insulated glass has good energy saving effect

The thermal conductivity of the intermediate air layer sealed by insulated glass is much lower than that of monolithic glass. Compared with monolithic glass, the insulation performance of insulating glass can be increased twice, and the power consumption of air-conditioned buildings can be greatly reduced. In summer, it can be insulated by more than 70%. In winter, it can keep indoor heating not easy to lose, and reduce heat loss by up to 40%, which plays a role of heat preservation, thus turning cool in summer and warm in winter into reality.

insulated glass window

Wire glass and tempered laminated insulating glass can increase the safety factor

There are metal wire as a support frame in the middle of the wire glass, which has a certain safety and fire prevention function, and is mainly used for fire doors, windows, partition walls and other places that need fire prevention and earthquake prevention.

fire-proof wire glass

Tougheded laminated insulated glass has anti-theft, bullet-proof and anti-riot properties. This kind of glass is sandwiched with PVB/SGP film or iron wire between two or three layers of tempered glass. Due to the use of toughened glass, its impact resistance can be greatly improved. Once the tougheded laminated glass is broken, the interlayer film will adhere to the broken glass, so that the glass slag will not fall and still play a blocking role. The installation of toughened laminated insulated glass can increase the safety factor of the room.

insulated laminated glass