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The whole process of glass production and processing

The whole process of glass production and processing


In today's society,glass has now become popular in our field of vision,and glass products can be seen everywhere,such as our glass windows,glass doors,office building curtain walls,etc.Let's talk about how this kind of architectural glass is processed.

stair railing balustrade glass safety glass

To do glass processing,of course,you must first have the original glass sheet.The original sheet is also called float glass,which refers to the flat glass produced by the float process.

General glass processing plants do not produce original sheets,only large glass companies produce original sheets, such as Xinyi Glass,CSG Group and other large companies.The processed glass in our factory is also from these famous float glass suppliers.The thickness of the original glass is also different.If it is a type of architectural glass,the thickness between 4-19mm is generally selected.Architectural glass is usually used in windows,guardrail,curtain wall,facade,etc.

facade glass curtain wall building glass

The size of the original piece is large,generally more than three meters long and two meters wide.Cutting is the first step in glass processing.The staff will adjust the cutting machine according to the size of the customer's drawing and cut it into the size required by the customer.The freshly cut glass is sharp and easy to hurt people,so need to polish the glass,and the glass exported from our factory will be polished to provide customers with high quality and beautiful glass products.

float glass warehouse glass process factory

After the grinding edge,the glass that needs to be beveled,drilled or water-cut will be processed according to the customer's requirements and made into the shape that the customer wants.Generally,water-cut glass is used for bathrooms and guardrails.Our factory also exports a lot of glass for bathroom and guardrail.

water jet cutting out glass holes shower door glass

Tempered glass is obtained by heating the glass to a certain extent in a tempering furnace,and then cooling it,and the hardness of the glass is enhanced after tempering.Customers will require the glass to be tempered so that it is safe.Tempered glass also has the name of safety glass.

tempered glass safety glass glass processing

Some glass swill do silkscreen printed or digital printed because the customer wants to print certain pictures,company logos,etc.on the glass.

digital printing insulated glass decorated curtain wall

There are also customers who need two or more layers of glass to be used together,such as laminated glass processed with film,or insulating glass formed by separating the glass with aluminum strips.

The above is the process of processing glass in glass processing factory,these processes can be operated in our factory with controllable quality and delivery time to provide high quality glass products to our customers.