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What do you know about home glass?

What do you know about home glass?


Glass is a very useful decoration building materials,applied to home decoration,not only conducive to light,expand the space,reduce the cramped feeling of small spaces,but also reflect the owner's unique temperament.

facade glass at home window glass glass door

Flat glass is the most commonly used glass,usually seen in doors,windows,partitions,etc. Ordinary glass is a flat glass product without other processing,also known as window glass.It is the most produced and used type of glass,mainly used for doors and windows,light roofs,stair railing,with light transmission,heat insulation,sound insulation,wear resistance,climate change resistance,and some have the characteristics of heat insulation,heat absorption,radiation protection and other characteristics.

shower door glass tempered glass home glass

In order to meet various needs in production and life,people carry out deep processing on ordinary flat glass,including silkscreen printing glass,digital printing,frosting, etc.These glass have more prominent decorative effects and are often used for interior decoration,as well as for office writing board,beautiful and practical.

silkscreen printing customize decorated glass

Tempered glass is also called safety glass.Its characteristics are high strength,and its bending strength and impact strength are 4-5 times higher than ordinary flat glass.When encountering damage,the fragments are scattered in the form of fine particles,without sharp edges.It can also be made into curved steel glass.Tempered glass is mainly used in glass curtain walls,frameless glass doors,curved glass furniture,etc.

tempered glass safety glass for home glass

Laminated glass is a composite material between two or more pieces of glass.Due to the bonding effect of PVB film,even if the glass is broken,the fragments will not fly and hurt people.

The main features are good safety, better impact resistance than ordinary flat glass,good protection,and special functions such as light resistance,heat resistance,moisture resistance,cold resistance,and sound insulation.It is mostly used for outdoor bordering doors and windows,curtain walls,roof skylights,balcony windows,and plays the role of sound insulation and heat preservation.

laminated glass safety balustrade glass

Insulating glass due to the formation of a certain thickness of the gas layer between the two pieces of glass,the flow of air or other gas layer in the middle is restricted thereby reducing the convection and conduction of heat transfer from the glass,so it has a better thermal insulation capacity.At the same time,the single piece of insulating glass can also be used coated glass and other energy-saving glass,which can focus the advantages of these glasses in the insulating glass,so as to play a better energy-saving role.It is mostly used in curtain walls,doors and windows,etc.

insulated glass window door glass soundproof glass at home

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