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Track the production process of tempered laminated glass

  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2019-10-23
I have already introduced the production process of tempered glass. Today let us understand the production process of tempered laminated glass.

The production process of tempered laminated glass is to first temper the glass, and then carry out the laminating operation on the tempered glass.

First, we need to clean the surface of the tempered glass and put the glass into the laminating workshop. The PVB/SGP film was placed in the middle of two pieces of tempered glass by the staff inside the laminating work shop.

After the glass is finished in the laminating workshop, the tempered laminated glass needs to be sent into the autoclave, and all the steps of making the laminated glass are completed after the tempered laminated glass is discharged from the autoclave.

More detailed processes can watch the laminated glass video of our factory.