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Types of architectural glass

Types of architectural glass

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD Internet 2019-12-03 16:12:51
There are many types of architectural glass. Today we will introduce several types of architectural glass that are more common in life.

1. Tempered glass: Tempered glass can be divided into flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass. Mainly used in glass railings, bathroom partitions, doors and windows, etc.

flat and curved tempered glass

2. Tempered laminated glass:  Tempered laminated glass has good safety. If the laminated glass is broken by strong impact, the broken glass will stick to the laminated layer, so that the glass does not splash and hurt people when it is broken. Therefore, its resistance to impact is much higher than ordinary glass. In addition, laminated glass also has characteristics such as anti-UV, heat resistance, humidity resistance, and cold resistance. Laminated glass is suitable for anti-collision parts such as doors and windows of high-rise buildings, anti-collision parts such as display cases and display windows.

tempered laminated glass

3. Tempered insulated glassTempered insulated glass can heat-proof, sound-proof and lower self-weight of buildings. Usually use for large scale curtain wall, skylight,etc.

tempered laminated insulated glass

4. Smart Glass: Smart glass also call switchable glass is a layer of LC film sandwiched between two layers of glass. In addition to its privacy protection function, smart glass also has all the application characteristics of safety glass. When the smart glass is powered off, the glass appears opaque; when the smart glass is powered on, the smart glass instantly appears transparent.

smart glass

5. Silkscreen printing glass & digital printing glass: Silkscreen and digital printing can print pictures, photos of people, landscape painting on the glass, and is resistant to acid and alkali, does not fade, can be used for a long time. Can be used for living room curtain walls, ceilings, doors and windows, partition decoration, and also for building facades and interior decoration.

silkscreen and digital printing glass

6. Frosted glass: Frosted glass can not be seen through, so it can soften the indoor light without glare. Can be used for bathroom window glass or glass door.

frost tempered glass