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Types of wooden boxes used in building glass packaging

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  • Release on:2020-06-18

Today, KXG(Kunxing building glass factory) will introduce you to the wooden box packaging of our factory glass. KXG has two types of wooden boxes, namely ordinary wooden boxes and sealed boxes. Of course, we also support custom packaging. Special wooden boxes can be customized according to customer requirements or local market requirements.

KXG building glass packaging

Ordinary wooden boxes are spliced together using inspection-free plywood. Applicable to full container load (FCL).

KXG building glass packaging

The sealed box is suitable for less than container load (LCL). It is a whole piece of inspection-free plywood that is spliced together without any gaps between the two boards. If the bottom area of the cargo is relatively small, we will add a tripod around the wooden box to ensure that the wooden box can be safely placed in the container and will not fall over. If the customer requires air transportation, all goods must use sealed boxes.

KXG building glass packaging

Whether it is an ordinary wooden box or a sealed box, we will put soft rubber protective glass inside the wooden box, the glass is sealed with a plastic film, and the two pieces of glass are separated by a rubber pad to prevent scratches caused by friction between the glasses and ensure the safety of the glass during transportation.

KXG building glass packaging

KXGglassmainlyareused for residential and commercial building projectlike glassbalustrade,glassdoors, glasswindows, glasspartitions, railings, curtain walls, showers and stairs etc.

Our main product are tempered glass, tempered glass heat soak treatment, curved tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, silk screen printing glass and so on. We also accept custom glass products.