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Use 4 kinds of glass partition design and decoration to make the space brighter and more transparent

Use 4 kinds of glass partition design and decoration to make the space brighter and more transparent


Now the room area is not particularly large, if give it to do partition or use metope to design will let the space appear more crowded, and so much space is wasted too pity. In order to make up for these problems, they all began to use glass for partition design, which will separate the space and make the visual effect stronger, and make the space layout more perfect. It can be embedded next to the sofa, and it has a great invisible effect in separating the space. How to do the decoration partition? The clever use of glass design makes the space brighter and more transparent.

kitchen glass partition wall

1. Kitchen

The kitchen is a place full of oily fumes when cooking at home. In order to prevent the oily fumes from spreading to every part of the house, it will make it separate.An independent space will make both areas crowded, and also affect the lighting and ventilation effects. Even if it is changed to an open design,there will still be lampblack to drift to the house to affect the indoor air.


When designing the kitchen, you may wish to decorate it with a glass door with a black frame, which will make the space more transparent and bright, and its layout can also make people feel more comfortable visually. People cooking here will also give people a relaxed and breathable sense of comfort.

living room partition wall glass

2. Living room

The layout of the living room is full of flexibility. It has a wide variety of designs and can be decorated according to our preferences. Glass partitions can also be used in the living room. Glass can be used to separate places such as the side and the back of the sofa. It will show the transparency of the lighting in the home. If you can make a wooden textured tatami design in the living room, it will show the relaxed comfort of the home.

transparency clear glass partition wall

The dining and living rooms of some families are connected together. If it is treated, there must be a partition, so that the two spaces will have independent functionality. In terms of design, frosted glass is used for separation, and the surrounding wood texture is used for it, fully reflecting the stable and firm texture.


3. Bedroom

Some families have a large space in the bedroom area, which in giving it decoration can use glass to do the partition design, the bedroom and the main bathroom can be divided, there will be no impact.

bedroom glass partition wall factory

4. Bathroom

No matter how we design the bathroom, it must be separated from wet and dry, so that there will be no problems in using the space. However, the bathroom space is not so large now. When designing it You can still use glass to make a partition for it. In this transparent effect, it can be decorated with ceramic tiles, which will better show the fashionable and luxurious texture.

bathroom shower door wall partition glass

In the home can use some glass to do partition design when decorating, the space can be better segmented, and the permeability of the home can be improved.