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What are the advantages of stainless steel glass guardrails?

What are the advantages of stainless steel glass guardrails?


With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for guardrail products are getting higher and higher. From wooden guardrail handrails in the past to iron art, and then to stainless steel guardrails, the materials have changed again, becoming more and more advanced and durable.

safety mall glass balustrade

The appearance has become more fashionable and unique, stainless steel glass railing after more than a decade of development, the stainless steel glass railing has become one of the most commonly used guardrails. It has the characteristics of easy installation, simple structure, and beautiful appearance, which is more in line with the current simple and fashionable aesthetics.


Stainless steel glass railings are often combined with tempered glass or laminated glass, which makes the installation of glass railings more firm and beautiful in appearance. Stainless steel glass railings are mostly used for stair handrails, balcony guardrails, etc. The overall height varies according to the installation environment and standards.

mall glass guardrail

In the design of the whole stainless steel glass railing, not only has a good decorative effect, but it is also a relatively good force-bearing component, which plays a protective role and can withstand a certain degree of external force such as pushing. Then the glass in the design of the stainless steel glass railing must be There enough strength.


Stainless steel has a tall stainless steel primary color, but also has bright colors, and can be used in a variety of scenes. A variety of stainless steel guardrails for you to choose from, both European and American styles and today's popular fashion, all show a noble and modern aesthetic feeling.

stair railing balustrade glass

The stainless steel guardrail has high safety performance. For example, the service life of 304 stainless steel guardrails can reach 50 years. Its strength and hardness are much higher than that of iron materials and other materials. It can withstand a pressure of more than 205MPA per square meter, a tensile force of 520MPA, and can withstand high temperatures below 800°C without deformation.


Balcony glass guardrail is tempered glass or laminated glass and stainless steel accessories, technology continues to advance so that the hardness of tempered glass continues to become stronger and stronger impact resistance, and tempered glass is not easy to discolor, easy to clean, and not easy to rust stainless steel guardrail with not only safe and practical and high-grade beautiful.

balcony glass balustrade fence

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