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What do you know about Low-e composite energy-saving glass

What do you know about Low-e composite energy-saving glass


With the increasingly serious energy problem,energy conservation research,especially building energy conservation,has become a topic of global concern.The forthcoming"four-part energy-saving" standard puts forward higher requirements on the heat transfer coefficient of exterior windows of residential buildings,which is generally difficult to achieve.Low-e laminated insulated composite glass combines low-e glass,laminated glass and insulating glass,which not only compensates for their respective shortcomings,but also effectively combines the advantages of the three,with good heat preservation and insulation.Heat,anti-theft and condensation performance.

low-e composite energy-saving glass

Low-e glass products have low heat transfer coefficient K value and strong resistance to temperature differences,which are beneficial to energy saving in winter and summer.The shading coefficient has a wide range, which can meet the shading needs of different regions.It has good comfort performance,can prevent sun exposure and balance the indoor temperature.

Insulating glass is a kind of energy-saving glass.The dry gas in the hollow layer of the hollow glass has a very low thermal conductivity coefficient,which can effectively block the conduction of indoor and outdoor heat.It can prevent a lot of heat from entering the house in summer and prevent valuable heat loss in winter,thus greatly reducing the cooling or heating costs of the house.The hollow layer forms a good sound insulation barrier,and the sound insulation and heat insulation effect is better after being filled with inert gas,and the cost is correspondingly increased.Insulating glass also has the advantage of anti-condensation.The hollow layer aluminum strips are filled with dry molecular sieve to ensure that the hollow layer is dry and the condensation temperature of the outer surface of the insulated glass is lower than that of ordinary glass.

energy-saving insulatetd glass

Laminated glass has safety performance.The broken glass will stick to the film and will not fall off and hurt people.It can be used for a short time until it is replaced.PVB film can absorb more than 99% of ultraviolet rays,thereby protecting indoor furniture,plastic products and other items from fading and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation.Laminated glass is so strong that Even if the thief knocks the glass apart,the middle layer adheres to the glass and still maintains integrity,preventing the thief from entering the room.

low-e composite energy-saving insulated laminated glass

These three types of glass are the main products of KXG.The company has focused on the deep processing industry for more than 20 years,with rich processing experience and excellent quality. At the same time,there are many low-e laminated hollow composite products,which inherit the advantages of the three.It overcomes the shortcomings of one of the three alone,and is deeply loved by customers.