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Multiple measures to control the condensation of inner layer of insulating glass

Multiple measures to control the condensation of inner layer of insulating glass


Do you know the origin of insulating glass?In the early 20th century,when American sentries were on duty in winter,they discovered that the fog or frost on the window glass of the sentry prevented them from monitoring the surrounding conditions and affected their normal duty.So some people considered separating the two pieces of glass by a certain distance and then sealing them around to make hollow glass,which solved the problem of condensation or frost on the window glass,and greatly improved the heat preservation and sound insulation performance of the glass.This is the original insulating glass.

insulatetd glass

In insulating glass components,spacer,desiccant,sealant (or composite materials) and glass form the edge sealing system of insulating glass.The service life of insulating glass is directly related to the quality of the edge sealing system and the production process of insulating glass,and also affected by the installation status,the use of the environment and other factors.And a domestic survey of insulating glass after two years of use data show that the failure rate of insulating glass is 3% to 5%.The reasons for the failure are the dew point in the air layer of insulating glass rises,and internal condensation accounts for 63%.The most important reason is the explosion of insulating glass accounting for 26%,other reasons account for 11%.Therefore,in terms of data,internal condensation of insulating glass has been the main reason for the failure of insulating glass.

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The dew point of hollow glass refers to the temperature at which the humidity of the air enclosed in the air layer reaches a saturated state.When the temperature of the surface layer of the insulating glass is lower than this temperature,the water vapor in the air layer of the insulating glass will condense or frost on the inner surface of the glass.This is the dew point process and result test of KXG's insulating glass.Our insulating glass uses high-quality materials and strict technology to reduce condensation on the inner layer of the insulating glass and increase the service life of the product.

However we how do can control the condensation in the inner layer of insulating glass?First,the glass is cleaned thoroughly and cleaned before the piece combining to prevent liquid water from being stored on the glass to ensure the sealing and adhesion of the insulating glass.The second is to choose the traditional insulating glass in line with national standards with 3A molecular sieve as an adsorbent to effectively absorb water in the air.Third,the standard of filling volume of insulating glass molecular sieve is not less than 70% of the length of aluminum strip,so as to reduce the condensation of insulating glass.

Fourth, after the molecular sieve filling,starting from the molecular sieve unpacking calculation,to complete the insulating glass process in 30 to 45 minutes.Five is the aluminum strip or spacer to meet the relevant national or industry standards of porosity permeability,six is to choose in line with the relevant national or industry standards of excellent quality sealant,two sealant should be suitable for each other and will not produce mutual dissolution or reaction,to ensure the edge sealing.

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Our company has been using high-quality processing materials and automatic machinery production technology,through each link to control,to prevent condensation or other quality problems of insulating glass,prolong its service life,reduce maintenance and replacement costs,and provide customers with high-quality hollow sound insulation grass.