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Why is ultra clear glass so expensive

Why is ultra clear glass so expensive


Ultraclear glass is a kind of ultra-transparent low iron glass,also known as low iron glass and high-transparency glass.It is a new type of high-quality,multi-functional,high-grade glass variety,with a 6mm thickness of light transmittance of more than 91%.It has the characteristics of crystal clear,high-end and elegant,and is known as the"Crystal Prince"of the glass family.Ultra-white glass also has all the processing properties of high-quality float glass,and has superior physical,mechanical and optical properties.It can be subjected to various deep processing like other high-quality float glass,such as tempered, coating,silkscreen printing,laminated,insulated and so on.

ultra clear glass,low iron glass,bright beauty glass edge

There are three characteristics of ultra clear glass products:

The first is the low self-explosion rate of ultra clear tempered glass.Because the raw material of ultra clear glass contains less impurities such as NiS,it is low in iron throughout the melting process of raw materials.And after ferromagnetic screening,the ultra clear glass has less impurities than ordinary glass.Thereby greatly reducing the probability of self-detonation after tempering.

The second is the purity of the color.Due to the low iron content in the raw material,the ultra clear glass absorbs less visible light compared to ordinary glass,and the color display is more pure.It can maintain the originality of various coloring processes such as coating,silkscreen printing,and color film laminated.Suitable for occasions with higher requirements on appearance color.

tempered glass,ultra clear glass,bright edge low iron glass

The third is the lower absorption,the ultra clear glass has a lower absorption,and the transmittance of the ultra clear glass changes less as the thickness increases.The advantages of ultra clear glass perfectly solve the problem of the appearance change caused by the super-thick and super-large glass curtain wall of the super high-rise skyscraper and the high maintenance cost caused by the self-explosion rate.

laminated glass,safety low iron glass

Our company also does a lot of ultra clear glass deep processing,tempered ultra white glass is generally used in office partition,bathroom,doors and Windows and other scenes,ultra clear laminated insulated glass is generally used in high floor curtain wall building,unparalleled superior quality and product performance make ultra clear glass has broad application space and bright market prospects.High price and excellent quality make ultra clear glass a symbol of building status.