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What would cause tempered glass to explode?

What would cause tempered glass to explode?

DONGGUAN KUNXING GLASS CO LTD China Glass Network 2020-09-27 16:47:13

Today, KXG(Kunxing Building Glass Factory) shared with you the knowledge points: Why does tempered glass suddenly break by itself?

Tempered glass is a material with great internal stress. Under normal circumstances, the compressive stress and tensile stress are balanced, and the glass can maintain a good external state. However, once this balance is broken, the huge internal stress will be released instantaneously, and will be transferred from the weak point where the damage occurs first to the entire glass, causing it to quickly break.

KXG-tempered glass

There are two main reasons for the self-explosion of tempered glass:

As we all know, the corners and edges of tempered glass are its weaknesses. It is very difficult for us to smash the surface of the tempered glass with a hammer, but if we smash the edge of the tempered glass, the glass will break immediately. Therefore, some tempered glass explodes spontaneously because the bumps on the edge of the glass during installation and movement will damage the compressive stress layer of the glass and form a crack. If the crack is deep enough, the balance inside the glass is destroyed, and the tempered glass will break immediately. Therefore, the tempered glass should be very careful in the moving and construction process to avoid any collision. Because even a very shallow surface crack will become a weak link for future fragmentation.

There are also weak points from the inside of the glass, such as impurity particles in the glass manufacturing process, etc. In daily life, tempered glass may disintegrate without any external force. This situation should be caused by the internal impurities of the glass. The glass production process includes the purification of raw materials, but there will still be residual impurities. The most common impurity in glass is nickel sulfide, which accumulates inside the glass in the form of particles. Under certain circumstances, the area around the nickel sulfide particles in the glass will suddenly break, and the whole piece of glass will also be broken.

Broken fragments of tempered glass

In order to avoid this situation as much as possible, many manufacturers will conduct heat soak test on each piece of tempered glass after the completion of the tempered glass at the request of the customer. The specific method is to heat the glass to about 300°C and then cool it down. The glass with nickel sulfide will automatically shatter in this environment, so as to ensure that the manufactured products do not contain internal impurities as much as possible.

heat soak test of tempered glass

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