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How to identify whether tempered glass is self-explosion?

  • Source:China Glass Network
  • Release on:2020-10-10

In fact, since the birth of tempered glass, it has been accompanied by the problem of self-destruction. The spontaneous explosion of tempered glass can be expressed as the phenomenon that tempered glass breaks automatically without external direct force. Tempered glass may explode spontaneously during tempering processing, storage, transportation, installation, and use.

The reasons for the explosion of tempered glass are divided into two types: self-explosion and explosion caused by external forces. The spontaneous explosion of tempered glass can also be divided into two types according to different causes: one is the spontaneous explosion caused by visible defects in the glass, such as stones, sand, bubbles, inclusions, notches, scratches, burst edges, etc. The other is that particles such as nickel sulfide(NiS) impurities in the glass cause the tempered glass to explode.

Do you find it complicated? Don't worry, today KXG(Kunxing Building Glass Factory) will teach you how to distinguish whether tempered glass is self-destructive.

First of all, the first thing to determine the cause of the crack is to observe the broken glass and carefully look for the "butterfly"-shaped crack. As shown in the figure below, the forewings of the "butterfly" are hexagonal and distributed in mirror symmetry. If a butterfly crack of this shape is found on the glass, the glass may explode spontaneously.

identify whether tempered glass is self-explosion

After finding the butterfly-shaped crack, we observe whether there are small black spots in the butterfly-shaped crack. As shown in the picture, the scientific name of the black dot in the picture is nickel sulfide. To make it easier to remember, we call it "butterfly eggs". If you find small black spots on the butterfly's chest and abdomen, you can be 100% sure that this piece of tempered glass is self-destructive.

identify whether tempered glass is self-explosion

The problem of tempered glass exploding spontaneously is called the "cancer of tempered glass." We can only through other methods to reduce the probability of glass exploding. At present, this problem cannot be completely solved.